brandforce is a web-based automated composition and publishing platform that enables you to produce 'on-brand' communications in minutes.

A secure online workspace
brandforce is a secure, centralised online workspace, where you can create customised, design-rich and brand compliant documents on demand using only a web browser. And with a couple of clicks the same source content can be output to multiple formats, the choice is yours.

Streamline your publishing production workflows
What used to take days and involve a designer or specialist production people now takes minutes and can be done by anyone, and the great thing is, the integrity of your brand is maintained so you're always looking good.The convenient and secure browser-based approach enables you and your colleagues to easily collaborate, review, edit, comment and approve content all in the one place.

Harness the power of automated composition
Then, when you're ready to publish, brandforce automatically assembles, formats and typesets hundreds, even thousands of managed elements, including copy, logos, images, graphics, charts and tables into richly designed ‘on-brand’ collateral, at the touch of a button.Production headaches are greatly streamlined as the rich design standards of your brand are programmed into the logic of the smart template process and automatically applied when the document or publication is produced.

Eliminate inefficiencies and production bottlenecks
Online proofing capabilities mean you can virtually eliminate the inefficient processes that traditionally form major bottlenecks. And by using fewer resources, you can achieve significant cost savings and a faster turnaround.