Marketing - The Final Frontier for Content Management?

Given that the Marketing / Communications department owns the Internet site and most likely the intranet, you would think that Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions underpin everything done by Marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. ECM are typically bad at handling print related collateral. Files sizes (especially for print) are large, and tools such as Adobe InDesign are poorly supported. Print and design still account for the majority of Marketing department spend, by comparison with online. And Marketing departments are not process experts. Therefore solutions which can build entirely on an ECM platform such as CRM and complaints management may not be considered. However, there are some extremely good solutions...

  • MediaRich


    The latest version of MediaRich ECM for SharePoint is a game changer. Simply put prospects and customers have been asking for years, “can you put the MediaRich capabilities into other libraries in SharePoint?”.

  • LookOut CRM


    The LookOut SharePoint CRM Templateis a full-featured Customer Relationship Management "Template" that takes advantage of Native SharePoint functionality while providing a rich environment.....

  • Typefi Publish


    Typefi® Publish is an automated publishing platform that enables users to create richly formatted InDesign files, PDFs, ebook files and HTML at the click of a button from within familiar authoring tools such as Microsoft Word or XML applications...

  • Email Marketing


    Email marketing is more than a pretty electronic brochure.   Email marketing is used to enhance and supplement your off-line marketing strategies.  When used correctly, email marketing is a direct database .

  • brandforce


    brandforce is a web-based automated composition and publishing platform that enables you to produce 'on-brand' communications in minutes.

  • Marketing Services


    PowerMark Solutions has a reputation for developing actionable strategies. What distinguishes our work? Our experienced consultants use  proven discovery process and value-based analytics...