Whitehorse Council Chooses MediaRich for SharePoint as its Digital Asset Management System (DAM)
Written by Simon

DAM, DAM, DAM and More DAM - with SharePoint Added

Whitehorse Council  selects Equilbrium MediaRich for SharePoint as its image management repositry / digital asset management (DAM) system   Augmented by the rich media handling capabilities of MediaRich for SharePoint (MRSP), SharePoint will be the repository of images, video and publication content for web and print publishing.

The initial focus will be on rich assets and processes used in the Marketing Department. This will cover an image library, storage for InDdesign files used for newsleters and other print publications, and brand / logos for use throughout the Council.

In time, Whitehorse plans explanding the solution to handle photos associated with parking infringements through to repairs and incidents.