PerformX® is an ideal infrastructure to encapsulate corporate documentation standards and propagate them throughout the organization whilst retaining the flexibility to meet departmental and project specific requirements.

Using PerformX® makes it easy to develop and maintain consistent structured documents across the entire organisation.

The greatest hurdle to the development of effective documentation is not writing skill but documentation design expertise. PerformX® helps authors create, write and edit structured documentation by encapsulating structural, content and presentation standards; they can simply 'fill in the blanks'.

The templates provided with our evaluation downloads provide only a small sample of the range of content standards we have available.

Rapid documentation development

  • Allows organisations to set their documentation content and presentation standards.
  • Reduced authoring time as structure and layout is automated.
  • PerformX® provides authors with content outlines for different types of documents, so authors only need to 'fill in the blanks'.
  • Allows authors to focus on the content, rather than the presentation and layout, by providing authors with easy to use tools to simplify the formatting of documents.
  • Allows expert staff to easily contribute content without writing experience or expertise.
  • Increased standardisation and consistency.
  • Ensures that, as Intranet technology changes, the investment in existing documentation is not lost.
  • Reduces training and support, since all staff need to know is how to use Word for Windows; no need to maintain skills in complex publishing software.