Compliance Sheriff

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff for Content Compliance Automation


Your Unmanaged Content is Putting Your Organization at Risk

Content Management Systems are great collaboration tools because they let every stakeholder in an organization post and share their content. However this wealth of information from multiple input points can quickly spin out of control and make it a potential breeding ground for vulnerabilities. You probably have more hidden risk than you realize and it’s growing exponentially every day as more of your staff add content.


HiSoftware Provides a Repeatable, Practical and Measurable Solution for Compliance

Take back control of your content by translating your corporate guidelines into a repeatable and enforceable process using the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff enterprise compliance automation solution. Enforce corporate guidelines and standards within websites, intranets, document libraries, email and social computing to stay ahead of content chaos. HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff provides users with a means to monitor content for potential compliance issues across the application – keeping information safe, appropriate and within regulatory guidelines. Compliance Sheriff automates content compliance to address Web governance issues including privacy factors like personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), accessibility, data and information security, offensive content and search engine optimization.


Benefits of HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff:

  • Assure compliance with federal and international accessibility guidelines to reduce the risk of litigation and penalties.
  • Prevent privacy breaches involving personal and health information.
  • Increase site usage by making all of your Web properties accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Protect confidential company and OPSEC information from leaking to the public.
  • Monitor sites for brand integrity and site quality issues, including missing SEO keywords, inconsistent logos, broken links, typos, changed pages, and site up/down monitoring to promote site excellence.
  • Track the “compliance health” of all your Web properties and the performance of your entire organization against compliance goals.


Compliance Insight

The Compliance Insight management console gives senior management visibility into how their organization is performing with respect to compliance and the ability to compare performance across the enterprise, among groups (divisions, business units, departments) and by individuals. The compliance scorecards, dashboards and reports provide senior management with an instant real-time snapshot of how the organization is performing against pre-set compliance objectives. Reports showing trends over time are also available. Based on the information presented managers (chief privacy officers, accessibility managers, IT managers, marketing managers, etc.) can take action such as more training for certain business units, additional communication reinforcing the importance of compliance, and changes in compliance workflow rules.



Above: The Compliance Insight console gives senior management visibility into the organization’s level of compliance, to track progress over time and to compare performance across the enterprise among groups.


Content Compliance Standards for:


Unregulated online content can compromise personal and health information (PII/PHI) such as passwords, credit cards and HIPAA identifiers. Reduce risk and cost through automated enforcement of your content privacy rules.


How many users with disabilities turn away from your public and intranet websites due to accessibility issues (WCAG and Section 508)? You could be alienating as much as 20% of your employees, customers and prospects. Automating accessibility compliance can increase participation while reducing costs.

Brand Integrity & Site Quality

Make a great impression online - every minute of every day. Your public website is the face you show to the world. Broken links, typos, slow pages or inappropriate language reflect directly on your brand image. Improper SEO keywords don’t help either. Build brand integrity, consistency and quality into your site with Compliance Sheriff.

OPSEC Information Assurance

Protect confidential and secure information: trade secrets, insider information, M&A, redacted content and Operational Security (OPSEC) information. Validate for compliance with data and information security guidelines; Identify problem or exposed security areas; Integrate data and information security testing into your quality assurance and content delivery processes; Measure and manage risk and compliance across the organization; and Allocate resources appropriately.

Learn more about the HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff:

Ensure your enterprise online content conforms to corporate compliance standards for GRC. Contact a HiSoftware solutions expert to discuss your compliance needs.