Compliance and WCAG 2.0 Accessibiilty

PowerMark is the regional reseller for HiSoftware’s Compliance Sheriff, Security Sheriff for SharePoint, and the Accessibility Foundation Module (AFM) for SharePoint. They are a solutions portfolio for accessibility (WCAG 2.0), content security, operational security, privacy and brand compliance. Together with Typefi Publish and PerformX OpenAccess they present a complete communications and publishing (print and web) solution where accessibility, compliance and quality is important.

  • Compliance Sheriff


    With more than 65,000 customers and counting, there’s little doubt that SharePoint
    is rapidly becoming one of the market’s most widely deployed enterprise content management (ECM) systems....

  • DataFacet


    DataFacet’s library of taxonomies can be installed in Sharepoint 2010 term store and the DataFacet taxonomy manager and auto-classification tools can be integrated so that a document added to Sharepoint....

  • PerformX


    PerformX® is an ideal infrastructure to encapsulate corporate documentation standards and propagate them throughout the organization whilst retaining the flexibility to meet departmental and.....

  • New Product Coming Soon


    Stay tuned for a new and exciting SharePoint Product..

  • Security Sheriff


    While thousands of organizations are deploying SharePoint 2010 to manage enterprise content, streamline business processes and deliver “enterprise 2.0” collaboration capabilities, compliance and security concerns...

  • Support


    We believe it is important to support the products we supply to you. That’s why we take the time to help you understand and know how to use your products....